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We get out of bed every morning because we want to solve the biggest problems with Amazon Advertising. Software as a Service agencies charge customers an arm and a leg to provide software that requires too much time and tinkering. Freelancers waste Sellers’ time and money by creating poorly structured campaigns that are inefficient and poorly optimized. Sellers try to manage an entire business while attempting to self-manage ad campaigns that don’t produce results.

We work endlessly to minimize the trade-offs that sellers face when Advertising on Amazon. Advertising shouldn’t be a time drain, sellers shouldn’t need to sell first-born children for an expert Amazon PPC management, and they shouldn’t settle for mediocre results.

At Ad Advance, we combine dedicated campaign management with industry-leading technology to deliver exceptional outcomes. No more compromises! We do it all, free up your time, provide personal service, and achieve amazing results.

Our Purpose

We merge personal service, active PPC management, and the most advanced software to transform Amazon Accounts. We create value others can’t.

Our Customers

Our customers are ambitious & competitive, but tired. Tired of missed opportunity; tired of opportunity cost; tired of software that takes too much time, costs too much, & delivers mediocre results.

Our Promise

You’re getting a team totally committed to your success. We promise to understand your objectives, learn your products, and work our butts off to improve your profitability.

Our Vibe

We’re innovative, attentive, and creative. Some have called us a bit nerdy, but only by those that consider programming, spreadsheets, and analytics nerdy. We just call those fun.

Our Team

Joe - Amazon PPC ExpertJoe Shelerud


Joe Shelerud is the co-founder and CEO of Ad Advance. Joe oversees the development team and is passionate about creating advanced algorithms and rapid integration of new features. Outside of work, Joe loves playing with his kids, Owen, Evan, and Clara.

expert amazon ppc management service providerMatt Wiklund

Chief Operations Officer

Matt Wiklund is the co-founder and COO of Ad Advance. Matt oversees the optimization team, and is obsessed with increasing sales, lowering ACoS, and maximizing profitability. Matt spends his free time in the woods or on the water with his wife, Karissa.

Amazon PPC tool developerWayne Farquharson

Optimization Specialist

Wayne is the campaign optimization manager at Ad Advance. As a self-described data geek and with an extensive PPC and programming background, Wayne mates technology with statistics to ensure every campaign’s potential is maximized.

Kedene Welcome

Office Manager

Kedene is the office manager at Ad Advance. Highly organized, personable, and ambitious, Kedene is a jack of all trades and the glue that holds the company together.

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