Day of The Week Tool

Identifying and capitalizing on the Amazon sales trends can help sellers stand out on the platform while maximizing sales without giving up on profitability. Tracking shopping habits and how the day of the week performance impacts key metrics like sales and conversion rates is often neglected. However, understanding Amazon sales trends by the day of the week will help tremendously in adjusting the bids in your Advertising campaigns to help put your products in front of maximum users and get more conversion.

By increasing the bids when our customers are most likely to buy, you can increase the frequency your ads are shown leading to more clicks and sales. Taking the same approach, you can also reduce the bids on the days that your customers are least likely to buy to cut down the ad spend.

Our Day of Week tool reviews your sales trends to determine how shopping trends fluctuate during the week for your products and how you can utilize this knowledge in your account. You’ll get a full breakdown which you can download as a PDF to gauge your progress.

Simply download your Search Term report from last month in Seller Central or your Advertising Console. Go to Advertising -> Campaign Manager -> Advertising Reports. Select Sponsored Products, Report Type: Search Term, Report Period: Last Month and Data Unit: Daily.

After pulling your search term report, you can upload it in the box below to complete your sales trends review.

Use this tool in conjunction with our other free Amazon PPC tools to optimize your campaigns and leverage the Ad sales.

Amazon Sales Trends day of the week Tool