Bid Optimization

Tool For Amazon PPC

Bidding precision is crucial to the success of your campaigns. Since bidding effects both cost per click and ad placement, it is a major factor in ACoS and conversion rate. Simply put, better bids = better ACoS and sales velocity.

There are dozens of variables to consider when setting bids, and those factors change by the hour. Bidding algorithms take all those variables into account at once. Our algorithms weigh recent and long term trends to find the perfect bids that achieve your objectives.

While we can’t offer our full stack of bidding algorithms for free, we can provide well-founded recommendations that get your performance moving in the right direction. Use our free Amazon PPC Bid optimization tool to discover converting search terms and set the right bids based on their CPC and associated metrics.

To use the tool, simply download a 30-day Search Term report (Total data unit) from the Advertising Console, then upload it in the box below. It’s that simple.

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