Keyword Funnel Tool For Amazon PPC

Keywords are the building blocks for Amazon PPC. Having a strong set of highly refined and relevant keywords is half battle won. The key idea of the keyword funnel strategy is to let the data tell us what works and then move those best performing keywords down the funnel to be able to optimize the campaign. By being more selective on the keywords that we first populate into our manual campaigns, we get much more concentrated data to make quick decisions and produce good performing long-tail keywords.

Our free Keyword Funnel Tool will give you a full breakdown of the keywords and product targets that you should move down the funnel from less targeted to more targeted campaigns.  This breakdown can be also be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis or filtering. This tool will help you make some executive decisions easily by eliminating the exhausting manual task of wading through your search term report and reviewing the keywords one by one before moving down the funnel.

Simply download your Search Term report from last month in Seller Central or your Advertising Console. Go to Advertising -> Campaign Manager -> Advertising Reports. Select Sponsored Products, Report Type: Search Term, Report Period: Last Month and Data Unit: Total.

You can review our recommended campaign structure for more information on how we recommend setting up campaigns and incorporating keyword funnel strategy.  After pulling your search term report, you can upload it in the box below to perform your full keyword funnel review.