Our Approach

We combine active advertising management with the most advanced algorithms to uncover potential that others don’t see.

As Amazon PPC continues to get more competitive, one size fits most doesn’t cut it anymore. In a dynamic marketplace, active management paired with an effective platform is the key to outselling competition.

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Totally Integrated

Take guesswork out of the equation and remove hypothetical from your vocabulary. Everything shoppers do is measured. Our decisions are no different.

Other platforms are slow to change and are satisfied with mediocrity as long as their platform sells. We are not.

That is why our system shares Sponsored Products targets and performance data across all campaign types for individual products.

Auto Explorer

The Auto Explorer continually scans your campaigns to utilize Amazon’s huge database on client buying trends and search terms. High performing keywords are moved down the funnel where our Sales Maximizer and Keyword Defender find the perfect bid.

ASIN Locator

The ASIN Locator searches for and adds competitor ASIN’s to target with your product’s ads. It works in unison with the Market Booster to draw customers from your competitor’s listings, increase your market share, and crush your competition.

Long-Tail Creator

The Long-Tail Creator uses your best-performing keywords to find other variations of these golden keywords to utilize these terms to their full potential. The Sales Maximizer and Keyword Defender will then take over with the detailed bidding algorithms.

Sales Maximizer

The Sales Maximizer analyzes huge amounts of data through our proprietary algorithms to set the perfect keyword bid to maximize sales for your campaigns. The Sales Maximizer works together with the Keyword Defender to set the right bid for every circumstance.

Market Booster

The Market Booster helps win market share from your competition by maximizing your visibility on competitors’ listings. You have the superior product and listing – the Market Booster works with the ASIN Locator to give your product more exposure on competitor listings to ensure customers make the right choice – to buy your product.

Keyword Defender

The Keyword Defender is constantly reviewing your data to find keywords that don’t meet performance objectives, but will convert profitably at a lower cost per click. These keywords are ideal for expanding your reach since they aren’t as targeted but Keyword Defender lower bids helps to still get a good return on these keywords.

Performance Cleaner

The Performance Cleaner quickly weeds out poor performing keywords that consume spend inefficiently. These keywords are set to negative so the Sales Maximizer and Keyword Defender can allocate that spend to more productive targets.

Placement Amplifier

The Placement Amplifier reviews all campaign placement data to determine the ideal multipliers and maximize front page impressions for the best performing keywords. The Placement Amplifier protects your brand against competitor ads and ensures you own the front page for the most important keywords.

Ranking Promoter

The Ranking Promoter targets the most relevant keywords to your listings and bids them in a manner that benefits organic ranking. The Ranking Promoter analyzes click-through rates, conversion rates, and sales volume to ensure sellers remain competitive for the most rank-critical keywords.

Trend Analyzer

The Trend Analyzer analyzes historical sales patterns and modifies your bids to draw the most impressions, clicks and sales when your customers are most likely to buy. All bids in the Sales Maximizer, Market Booster and Keyword Defender are modified daily to maximize your impressions when it matters most.

Brand Builder

The Brand Builder finds the ideal keywords for your Sponsored Brands campaigns while also funneling best performing Sponsored Products keywords into Sponsored Brands campaigns. This integration makes sure that your best performing keywords always make it into your Sponsored Brands campaigns for the Channel Expander to utilize.

Channel Expander

The Channel Expander reviews multiple metrics of your Sponsored Brands campaigns to boost brand discovery and total sales. This bidding algorithm is tuned specifically for Sponsored Brands since customers are not typically as far down the buying funnel compared to Sponsored Products.

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