May 9, 2023

Google to Amazon: Measurement & Optimization

Driving traffic from Google directly to Amazon listings has immense potential for Amazon brands, but measurement and optimization is challenging… until now.

External platforms, like Google, can’t measure on-Amazon activity, like page views, add-to-carts, purchases, and sales. Amazon developed Attribution to measure external channels, but it has no capability to feed metrics back into the channel’s native platform.

So we developed that capability.

Ad Advance can programmatically map Amazon add-to-carts, purchases, and sales to Google Ads campaigns at the keyword level. When our clients view their results in our internal Google Ads console, they can now view both traffic and cost metrics stemming from Google, as well as add-to-carts, orders, sales, CPA and ROAS from Amazon – all from a single source within the Ad Advance Google Ads platform.

Beyond the convenience of viewing performance within a single location, this feature unlocks significant optimization capabilities.

Google offers a suite of bid optimization tools based on CPA and ROAS. Without our system, these campaigns can only use Google’s algorithms to maximize clicks or CTR. With our system, we can use Google’s algorithms to minimize CPA or maximize ROAS. We even feed add-to-carts into our Google to Amazon dashboard to help indicate ROAS for more proactive optimization using a larger suite of metrics.

G2A tactics offer many benefits – reaching new audiences at the start of their search, bypassing competitors, brand referral bonus, and more. We help brands capture these benefits in the most economical way possible – helping to amplify scale while maximizing efficiency.

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