A Closer Look at What’s New in Amazon Advertising

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

This episode is dedicated to highlighting the latest updates and new features in Amazon’s ad console. Throughout the episode, we explore brand insights updates, enhanced data sets for sponsored display campaigns, and the importance of aligning advertising strategies with consumer trends.

Top 5 new features mentioned:

  • Enhanced navigation in the Ad Console, consolidating access to sponsored ads, DSP, and other elements in one location.
  • Dropdown menu for navigating between different markets, making it easier to access and manage campaigns in various regions.
  • Ability to add a column for top-of-search impression share on the campaign level, simplifying bid adjustment and placement.
  • Introduction of the Products tab, providing a comprehensive view of ASIN performance metrics, associated campaigns, and ad groups.
  • Brand insights and visual representation of the funnel in the Insights and Planning tab, enabling tracking of brand impression share and comparison to peers in different categories.

By leveraging these new features, advertisers can refine their targeting options, create personalized ad experiences, and drive more sales on Amazon. Join us as we unpack these updates and learn how they can elevate your advertising efforts in the dynamic landscape of online advertising.