A Conversation with Amazon Ads on Customization and Customer Focus

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.


In this episode, Joe Shelerud interviews Dave Katz from Amazon Ads. Dave is a marketing technology strategist at Amazon Ads. He guides developers, product teams, and data practitioners to build scalable and effective technology. He has over 15 years of experience in the advertising technology industry working on both the buy and sell sides. As a former marketing analyst, Dave led the adoption of full-funnel attribution analytics for multiple large consumer and business brands.

Key discussions in this episode include the evolution of the digital advertising space, the impact of privacy changes on advertising, and the shift towards first-party data and retail media. They also explore unique ad placements on Amazon-owned properties and the power of Amazon Marketing Cloud. The conversation highlights the focus on customization and democratization of technology, as well as the continuous improvement and customer focus at Amazon Ads.


  • The digital advertising space has evolved from ad networks to real-time bidding and demand-side platforms, with a focus on performance metrics and optimization.
  • Privacy changes, such as the removal of cookies, require advertisers to find alternative ways to measure and optimize their campaigns.
  • First-party data and retail media are becoming increasingly important in the digital advertising landscape, allowing advertisers to target relevant audiences and measure the impact of their advertising.
  • Amazon offers unique ad placements on its owned properties, such as streaming services and Twitch, providing advertisers with access to a diverse and engaged audience.
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool that allows advertisers to analyze and measure the impact of their advertising across Amazon’s platforms.
  • The focus at Amazon Ads is on customization and democratization of technology, allowing advertisers to build unique capabilities and optimize their campaigns.
  • Continuous improvement and a customer-centric approach are key principles at Amazon Ads, with a focus on gathering feedback and iterating on products and features.