Amazon Ad Placements: Rest of Search Controls

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

Did you hear the news?

The latest update for sponsored ads on Amazon – the introduction of placement controls for rest of search. Learn how to leverage placement controls to optimize your ads, with a focus on adjusting bid multipliers based on conversion rates and ACoS. By understanding the performance variations among different placements, listeners can strategically allocate their advertising budget for maximum impact.

Tips include:

  • Utilize the newly introduced rest of search placement controls on Amazon to strategically adjust bid multipliers based on conversion rates and ACoS for better ad performance.
  • Group keywords or targets with consistent performance themes to optimize placement settings effectively, ensuring that bids align with the specific characteristics of each placement.
  • Consider using a dynamic down-only bid strategy for campaign bidding to maintain control over CPCs and avoid the potential pitfalls of dynamic up and down bidding, while also factoring in the distinct advantages of top of search placements for higher click-through and conversion rates.

Listen to this episode to learn how the new rest of search placement controls on Amazon can help you strategically optimize your Sponsored Ads and achieve better performance.