Amazon Video Advertising and Brand Stores: A Deep Dive with Keith O’Brien

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

This week on The Ad Project, hosts Joe Shelerud and Keith O’Brien discuss the dynamic world of Amazon e-commerce and advertising. Keith, an Amazon expert with nine years of experience, shares insights into the platform’s evolution and the increasing significance of video advertising.

The conversation covers Keith’s background and journey within the Amazon ecosystem, from driving product reviews to founding his own agency. They reminisce about earlier strategies and set the stage for exploring the power of video advertising.

The heart of the discussion revolves around the growing role of video ads on Amazon. Joe and Keith discuss the visual shift in e-commerce and the challenges and opportunities of incorporating video into campaigns.

They emphasize the importance of capturing viewers’ attention within seconds and share creative tips for impactful video content.

The conversation transitions to Amazon’s Brand Store, highlighting its competition-free space for showcasing products and engaging with customers. Joe and Keith underscore the role of Brand Stores in boosting average order values and enhancing the brand experience.

Finally, they share key takeaways from the recent Amazon Accelerate conference, discussing advancements in advertising tools and Amazon’s commitment to supporting sellers.