Bridging the Skills Gap When Managing Advertising for Brands w/ Kyle Kirkwood

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

In the early days, developing a solid brand strategy included a lot of testing and iterating. However, a lot of that has changed today through experts like Kyle Kirkwood, who designs training modules to help brands grow. 

In today’s episode, Joe and Kyle discussed some key pillars to consider when managing advertising for brands. 

These are: 

  • Planning 
  • Activation
  • Reporting and Analysis 

We dived into each of these, plus more in this episode! 

Connect with Kyle: 

Kyle currently works as the Training & Development Director at Pacvue. He is surrounded by his amazing team, who aggressively push the limits of what’s possible in e-commerce advertising. He has had the pleasure of identifying pain points for users of SaaS and creating in-depth training that helps them hit their goals and grow their businesses.