Building Out Your Advertising Strategy Across Multiple Channels w/ Leo Ebbert

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

Staying where your customers live remains top of mind for many brands today. Advertising across multiple platforms allows brands to achieve this while maximizing opportunities to find new customers. In today’s episode, Joe is joined by Leo Ebbert to discuss what it takes to successfully develop a multi-channel advertising strategy. 

Topics discussed include:

  • General performance trends between platforms when optimizing ads.
  • What is the “best” ROAS when developing a multi-channel advertising strategy?
  • How to diversify ad spend across different channels

Advertising across multiple channels has proven to have positive results for many brands looking to expand their strategy. With Leo’s wide range of experience managing ads across multiple channels, there’s a lot of great information unpacked in today’s episode.

More about Leo Ebbert: 

Leo Ebbert is the founder and president of Exact Click Digital, a boutique agency specializing in paid ads management. Since founding Exact Click Digital, Leo and his team have helped dozens of brands drive over 1,000,000 conversions through paid advertising.

You can connect with Leo at: