Data Power Play: Amazon Advertising’s Off-Platform Advantage

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In this episode, Joe and Sean discuss the power of first-party data in Amazon advertising. They explore the challenges and opportunities of using Amazon’s DSP to target audiences off the platform. They highlight the importance of audience segmentation and tracking, as well as the benefits of using hash lists to build lookalike audiences. They also discuss the complexities of conversion attribution and the need for careful measurement. Overall, they emphasize the value of utilizing Amazon’s first-party data and the potential for driving new-to-brand customers to non-Amazon websites. In this podcast episode, Sean discusses key learnings and insights from his work at Add Advance.


  • Amazon’s first-party data is a powerful tool for targeting audiences off the platform.
  • Segmenting audiences and tracking conversions can be challenging but is crucial for effective advertising.
  • Using hash lists and building lookalike audiences can help reach new-to-brand customers.
  • Conversion attribution across different platforms requires careful measurement and de-duplication.
  • Lead time is necessary for setting up tags and building audiences. Continuous learning and exploration are essential in the field of advertising.
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