E-commerce Growth Secrets: From Lower Funnel to International Expansion

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.


In this episode, Keith from Made In discusses his journey in the e-commerce space and the strategies he implemented to scale the new-to-brand customer on Amazon. He shares insights on testing incrementality, maximizing lower funnel opportunities, expanding search terms, and utilizing Amazon Marketing Cloud. Keith also compares the Walmart Marketplace to Amazon and talks about the potential for international expansion. The episode concludes with a discussion on upper funnel opportunities and where listeners can find more information about Made In.


  • Testing incrementality on Amazon can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of advertising strategies.
  • Maximizing lower funnel opportunities, such as search terms, can lead to incremental sales and higher ROAS.
  • Carefully expanding search terms and targeting specific customer segments can help optimize advertising campaigns.
  • Utilizing Amazon Marketing Cloud can provide valuable data on customer behavior and attribution.
  • The Walmart Marketplace is making strides in its ad platform and has the potential to catch up to Amazon’s capabilities.
  • Expanding internationally can tap into new markets and increase brand reach.
  • Exploring upper funnel opportunities, such as video ads and prime streaming, can further enhance advertising strategies.