Elevate Your Amazon Game: Tim Jordan’s Insights on External Traffic and More

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

In this episode of the Ad Project Podcast, host Joe Shelerud from Ad Advance welcomes guest Tim Jordan, Chief Community Officer at Carbon 6.

Tim shares his journey from being a firefighter to becoming a successful Amazon seller and e-commerce expert. He discusses his experience in the industry, including building and selling multiple brands, consulting for service providers, and gaining a unique perspective on the e-commerce landscape.

The episode’s main focus is on driving external traffic to Amazon and the importance of leveraging it to boost organic rankings. Tim and Joe dive into Amazon’s brand referral bonus and Amazon Attribution, and how they have revolutionized external traffic strategies. They highlight the effectiveness of external traffic through Google Ads and influencer marketing, emphasizing the significance of targeting a relevant audience for better conversion rates.

Tim also introduces Carbon 6’s reimbursement services for buyer returns and the powerful external traffic tool, PixelMe, which has shown remarkable results in achieving high return on ad spend (ROAS).

The episode concludes with insights into the ever-evolving e-commerce industry, emphasizing the importance of Amazon as a reliable platform for generating sales and growing e-commerce brands.