Exploring Agency Dynamics in Retail Media Advertising & E-commerce

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

In this episode of The Ad Project, the discussion revolves around selecting the right agency for retail media advertising, particularly concerning Amazon.

The episode begins with an introduction to Jeremy Bugbee, Director of Business Development at Ad Advance. The core focus of the episode is on guiding listeners through the key questions and considerations when evaluating agencies for advertising and retail media services, especially in the context of Amazon.

Joe and Jeremy unpack topics like agency approaches, communication methods, technology utilization, staying updated with industry trends, and the importance of finding an agency that challenges and pushes for improvement.

The episode also discusses the choice between full-service agencies and individual experts for e-commerce management and the significance of selecting the right rate structure.

Overall, it provides valuable insights for brands seeking the right agency partner for their retail media advertising.