Insights into Amazon Marketing Cloud and Data Clean Rooms

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

In this episode, Joe Shelerud is joined by Jack Lindberg from The Mars Agency to explore the intricacies of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and data clean rooms. They discuss the technical and analogical aspects of data clean rooms, highlighting their significance in maintaining privacy while sharing valuable data.

The conversation delves into use cases, including ASIN purchase overlap reports and insights into customer behavior after viewing ads.

Key Points:

  • Understanding the concept of data clean rooms and their role in protecting privacy.
  • AMC as a unique clean room where Amazon serves as both the host and data provider.
  • Use cases of AMC, such as ASIN purchase overlap reports and insights into branded keywords.
  • Challenges and opportunities in the evolving landscape of digital advertising, especially with the deprecation of cookies.
  • Eligibility requirements for using AMC and the importance of SQL proficiency.
  • Strategic and tactical actions advertisers can take based on AMC insights.
  • Leveraging AMC audiences for enhanced targeting in Amazon DSP.


Jack Lindberg – Director of Analytics at The Mars Agency

Joe Shelerud – CEO of Ad Advance and Host of the Ad Project Podcast