Mastering Prime Day: Strategies for Success

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

In this podcast episode, Joe Shelerud and Matt Wiklund discuss various aspects of Amazon’s highly anticipated summer event – Prime Day.

Join us as we explore tips and insights to button up your advertising strategy your before, during, and after this crucial event. From crafting offers to leveraging marketing tactics, we provide you with a comprehensive toolkit to maximize your Prime Day success.

Key Discussions:

  • Impact of deals on Prime Day performance: Running deals can significantly increase click-through rates and conversion rates, leading to higher orders. Brands that ran a deal saw a 30% increase in conversion rates, while those that didn’t run a deal experienced a 13% decline in conversion rates.
  • Advertising strategies for Prime Day: It is advised not to go overboard with bids during Prime Day as high traffic doesn’t necessarily translate to higher conversion rates. Keeping bids consistent with the average and preparing for increased budget due to the spike in traffic is recommended.
  • Post-Prime Day effects: After Prime Day, there may be a temporary downturn in traffic and sales due to a “holiday hangover” effect. However, brands that ran major promotions during Prime Day may experience higher traffic and improved organic rankings, leading to post-event sales.