Part 2: Adapting to AI – Opportunities and Challenges

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This week on The Ad Project… AI & Advertising: Part 2

In this episode, Joe Shelerud and Sean Morgan, Digital Media Manager from Ad Advance, discuss the latest developments in AI and its impact on product search, search traffic, and advertising. They focus on the potential of AI and chatbots in helping users navigate and make purchasing decisions.

Overall, the podcast explores the ways in which AI is changing the landscape of marketing and advertising and how businesses can integrate these new technologies into their strategies.

Key Discussions:       

  • Latest developments in AI for product search and search traffic
  • Integration of AI in the market  
  • Conversational aspect of chat GPT and its potential impact on search results
  • Limitations of current chatbots and need for a better user experience
  • Shift towards a single platform that combines traditional search, product research, and browsing
  • Potential of AI-generated video and audio ads and how it could democratize advertising.