Q4 Trends: Black Friday, Sponsored TV, and the Shifting Landscape of Holiday Shopping

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In this episode of The Ad Project, co-founders of Ad Advance Joe Shelerud and Matt Wiklund discuss the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, highlighting the evolving trend of extended deal days beyond the traditional shopping holidays. They speculate on how this shift might impact consumer behavior, making it more challenging to decide when to make purchases.

The conversation then transitions to the introduction of sponsored TV and upper-funnel video ads on Amazon. They explore the audience targeting and measurement advantages offered by streaming platforms compared to traditional TV. Joe and Matt emphasize the importance of establishing a strong foundation with lower-funnel advertising before venturing into upper-funnel strategies.

We also touch on the accessibility perks and incentives provided by Amazon for brands to engage in sponsored TV advertising. The discussion concludes with insights into the interactivity and measurement capabilities of video ads on streaming platforms, emphasizing the shift towards more targeted and data-driven advertising.

Overall, the episode provides an overview of the changing landscape of holiday shopping and the opportunities presented by sponsored TV and upper-funnel video ads on Amazon.