Understanding Consumer Behavior for an Effective Amazon Ads Strategy

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

Consumer behavior – how does it drive your Amazon ads strategy?

David Khoshpasand, Amazon Performance Marketing Manager with Hasbro, joins us on The Ad Project podcast to talk through consumer behavior and how research directly ties into marketing and a solid amazon ads strategy.

Key Discussions:

  • Consumer behavior and how it’s a dynamic process that involves several stages, including acquisition, usage, and disposal of products or services.
  • The psychological core and culture impact decision-making. In terms of marketing, attention is limited, selective, and divided.
  • Ads need to be in front of consumers multiple times to create familiarity and motivation.   
  • Problem recognition and reference groups also influence decision-making. Using Play-Doh as an example, David discusses low effort purchases still require marketing to push purchases down the funnel.
  • How mere exposure effects and biases impact consumer behavior.
  • High brand equity does not negate the need for top-of-mind advertising.
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud and how it can help map out customer behavior.
  • Key metrics for upper funnel advertising and brand building.

David has over a decade of marketing experience, with extensive knowledge in developing business strategies for growth. David also taught consumer behavior and marketing research at MBU, and is a natural problem-solver with a firm grasp of customers and markets.

Connect with David: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dkmarketing/