Advanced Integrations

A seller in the Patio, Lawn, & Garden category had several top-100 products, but sales were stagnant, so they hired Ad Advance. Ad sales climbed from $150k/mo to $300k/mo in the first year. This year, campaigns net over $600k/mo at 17% ACoS. Systematic campaign integration made these results possible.

Ad Advance moves every strong keyword and product target through a network of funnels. The top of the funnel drives awareness and discovery; the bottom of the funnel offers more control over exposure and returns. This funnel creates a continuous feed of new targets and more control over performance.

Ad Advance also integrates Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display campaigns. When a product target performs well in Sponsored Products, it moves into a Display campaign. Similarly, the strongest converting targets are shared between Sponsored Products and Brands. With this approach, success in any one campaign type leads to success in the others.

Basically, we find what works, put it to work in every placement, then find more.