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Opportunity Scorecard

We'll outline your key areas
to improve so you're not leaving
any money on the table.

Results Deep Dive

Want to know what's really
driving your current results?

We break it down.

Performance Trends

Which direction is ad
performance going?

We'll send you a new report
each month to track the trends.

Three Unique Tools in One

Is PPC keeping you up at night because you feel you’re leaving money on the table with your current optimization?

Know you’re not taking advantage of all the features available but struggling on where to start?

Wondering where your advertising performance trends are going and how it will impact your business?

Our free monthly scorecard will help to answer all of these questions.  We’ll score your current campaigns and give you a list of features you’re not currently using. We’ll provide a breakdown of your different ad types and placements so you know what’s driving your results and where you should focus your time.  Finally, we’ll breakout the trends so you know where your ad performance is going and what is causing the changes.


No Trial, Cost, or Obligation – It’s Free

OK, so what’s the catch if the monthly report is free?

We’re big believers that if you freely give and help as many people as you can, good things will come in return.  Joe (our CEO) started as a seller on Amazon in 2014 and saw all of the competing priorities that sellers need to keep track of!  It’s our hope that this tool will help to save you time and provide guidance on where you can tune up your Amazon ad strategy.

So in summary, there’s no catch.  If you get to the next step and want to become a client, that’s great.  If not, that’s fine too and we hope that you get enough value out of the monthly report to spread the word!