What Happens When You Invest in a Strong Company Culture

Key Takeaways 

  • Company culture is an important piece to making sure the members of your team are communicating at a high level.
  • Trust building activities are worth the investment of time to make sure your employees don’t hold back on candid, productive conversations.
  • To make the best decisions, we believe that unfiltered conversation and constructive conflict are essential.   
  • A strong company culture improves overall team performance by allowing us to adapt quickly and make solid decisions as we grow.   


As a rule of thumb, we’d rather hire a good culture fit than someone with a deep level of initial expertise in the Amazon industry. But why? To put it simply – you can teach someone new skills, but you can’t teach them to be a good person.

Company culture is something we value and prioritize above a lot of other things in our business.

Erik Swenson is the Operations Manager with Ad Advance. He manages a large team of in-house account executives and is a huge reason our company culture continues to thrive from day to day. Erik joins us for this week’s episode of The Ad Project podcast to shed some light on company culture, why it matters, how it motivates our team and ultimately produces better results for our clients.

Episode Highlights

Intro    [00:25]

Erik Intro        [01:43]

Ad Advance Culture   [03:30]

Defining our Company Culture          [05:15]

Remote / In Office      [09:06]

Company Culture & Client Management       [12:20]

Prioritizing Culture & Performance   [17:20]