Strategies You Need to Consider to Scale Your Amazon Business

Key Takeaways

  • Launch attribute specific campaigns when it makes sense.
  • A Brand Defense is the core strategy you should be using to defend your brand on Amazon. ACoS is typically going to be favorable for these campaigns as conversion rate is high.
  • If you aren’t defending your brand on Amazon, your competition will likely
  • Utilizing Top of Search placements paired with Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands Video campaigns can increase the real estate of your ad at the top of search results.
  • ASIN Defense is a strategy we use that targets your own catalog of products. This ensures that your products are showing up on your product detail pages in the carousel, rather than your competition.
  • Ranking campaigns focus on driving sales rather than turning a low ACoS.
  • When you have a high conversion rate and increase sales velocity for specific keywords, it’s going to improve your ranking for those keywords.
  • Conquesting strategies target your competition’s brand on Amazon. This is a great way to get your products in front of an audience originally searching for your competitor’s products.
  • Catch-all and Seeding campaigns use low bids and target a high quantity of products within them to improve relevancy score when entering the auction. These campaigns are a great way to increase exposure with a very high return.


This episode is the second to come in our mini-series lining out Amazon advertising fundamentals.

Now that you've got your ad types and targeting types dialed in, how do you tie that to overall strategy?

In this episode we'll focus on our key campaign strategies including funnel strategy, primary campaigns, ranking campaigns, brand defense, ASIN defense, and a couple of backups to earn extra brand visibility.

The next episode in this series will walk through how to structure your campaigns to implement all of the strategies we touched on today. Stay tuned!

Episode Highlights

Intro      [00:18]

Primary Campaigns          [01:56]

Attribute Specific Campaigns       [05:22]

Brand Defense                  [08:16]

Top of Search                     [11:46]

ASIN Defense                    [12:40]

Lunch Campaigns             [16:13]

Ranking Campaigns         [18:57]

Conquesting                       [21:29]

Catch-all and Seeding Campaigns              [23:26]