Are You Using the Right Ad Types on Amazon?

Key Takeaways 

  • Sponsored products is typically going to account for about 70 to 80% of your overall sponsored ad spend. So even if you are utilizing other ad types, this is going to be a major portion of it.
  • There are a variety of placements inherent to sponsored products. That's the key reason why they're going to make up the majority of impressions. It has more ad placements than the other sponsored ad types.
  • Keywords can have three different match types - broad phrase, and exact.
  • There are three main placements for sponsored brand ads. The first would be in search results at top of search or at the very bottom of search.
  • A side benefit when you drive traffic to a storefront is that the product page has that carousel of sponsored products related to this item.
  • Sponsored display ads show up below the buy box or below the bullet points on a product detail page.
  • Sponsored display allows you to target audiences on and off Amazon.
  • Amazon DSP is a great next step once you’ve fully nailed down your strategy with all of the major sponsored ad types in the ad console.


Back to the basics.

In this mini series, Matt and Joe will be covering the fundamental pieces you should to check and double check to make sure you're in good shape with your Amazon advertising heading into Q4 - Ad types, application, and optimization and strategies.

Today's episode will cover ad types on Amazon, where they show up, which ad types you should be using and how you can utilize them to work together.

Keep an eye out for the next episode in the series with Joe and Matt!

Episode Highlights

Intro    [01:25]

Sponsored Products        [02:08]

Sponsored Brands            [09:35]

Sponsored Brands Video               [16:41]

Sponsored Display           [18:19]

DSP        [24:53]