How to Get Shoppers to Notice Your Products on Amazon

Key Takeaways 

  • You need to have a strong listing before putting all of your energy into advertising, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure.
  • Maintaining stock is key to maintaining any sales momentum on Amazon. Having both the FBA and FBM skews available, so you don't go to stock and lose momentum is really huge.
  • Amazon gives you a bit of help with the halo effect in the first circuit, 14 days. They give you a hand so really capitalize on that little boost they're giving you because you're not going to get it elsewhere.
  • Your main product image is a huge pillar of your listing that could make or break a sale. Your main image should communicate enough about your product that shoppers don’t even need to read the bullet points.
  • Branding should remain consistent from your social, to your website, to your Amazon listing.
  • Amazon’s algorithm loves it when you drive external traffic to your listings.


Upon leaving Amazon in 2017, George started consulting brands directly. By March 2018 things were going well, but he needed help with marketing. He partnered with his brother, Tom. The Listing People was founded. They realised most clients faced the same problems. So they repeated the same answers. Time and time again. They built LaunchPod Academy. An online resource where members received; courses, 121's, live sessions, and an active forum.

Tom and George were brothers. So they obviously fell out occasionally. George bought the business off Tom in ~March 2020. He asked members what they wanted. More 121 time and active management they answered. He cancelled all memberships. Refunded everyone. Then doubled down on Amazon Advertising management.

High-quality service at a fair price. Then came Amazon Creatives. Tired with the ongoing requests of "Have you got an example of that?". First the Facebook group. Amazon Creatives. Daily inspiration from fast-growing brands. Which drove the desire to be better at content. To share more but still make it free.

Georges.Blog emerged. Companies House will tell you The Listing People is the name. That's who will invoice you too.

Truth be told, George hasn't decided yet.

In this episode, George talks through the key areas where he feels sellers should be keeping their focus, the importance of brand building on Amazon, operations, the importance of strong product images, and more.

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Episode Highlights

George Intro    [00:42]

Stages of the Pyramid             [02:53]

FBA/FBM Strategy                [06:47]

Listing Optimization               [13:51]