The Evolution of Amazon Advertising and How to Get Ready for What’s Coming Next

Key Takeaways  

  • It’s a huge advantage for sellers to get on top of Amazon’s new features early. Not only will you beat the competition but getting in early usually results in favorable CPCs and/or winning top placements. 

  • Amazon continues to add new targeting methods, new ways to bid, and new ways to reach different audiences. 

  • New features always provide better ways for sellers and advertisers to gain more control of their ads. 

  • Sellers and advertisers should always assess how a new feature will impact strategy and audience. 

  • Not all of Amazon’s new features will be widely communicated. Sellers need to pay close attention to their ad consoles for updates. 

  • If you don’t see incredible results right out of the gate, don’t give up on the new feature. Always test these new features repeatedly since Amazon is continuously fine-tuning these tools. 



Ever wonder what the future of Amazon advertising looks like? If you’re a seller or an advertiser from 2014, you know first-hand that the Amazon advertising we know today is nothing like a few years ago or even a few months ago. The advertising world is ever-changing, and we wanted to do a walk-through of Amazon’s journey in this episode, to help highlight some of the ways we can take advantage of them. 

One of the key advantages is for every seller to stay on top of all these changes and strategies that they can implement to help achieve their goals. While advertising on Amazon is a lot more challenging and competitive today than it was a couple years ago, anticipating these changes and understanding where the industry is going can really help stay ahead of the competition. 

What’s Next with Amazon Advertising?  

In our upcoming episodes, we’ll share our thoughts on the unique developments we’re anticipating with Amazon advertising, and advancements we’re already testing out, particularly be for DSP (Amazon Demand-Side Platform)ads. We’ll also talk about changes we expect to see with audience targeting using Sponsored Display ads along with customizations and increased targeting control with DSP. 


Episode Highlights 

Recap of Ad Advance Story  [01:40

Key thing sellers must do as Amazon evolves  [04:16

Where was Amazon Advertising in 2014  [05:11

The next major ad type after Sponsored Products  [06:56

How Sponsored Product Ads developed  [09:02

The Evolution of Sponsored Display  [13:39

Developments with Sponsored Brands  [17:17