The Art Of Amazon DSP Custom Audiences & Strategies

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon DSP audience stacking is hands-down the biggest opportunity when utilizing the demand-side platform.
  • Repurchasing campaigns are a bottom-of-the-funnel strategy and allow advertisers to segment audiences through look-back windows. Unlike Sponsored Ads, DSP repurchasing campaigns are often set up based on how quickly the products are used.
  • Amazon DSP allows us to create pixel tags that are tracking cookies placed on websites. This pixel is very similar to Google or Facebook pixel, allowing you to retarget audiences that visited your website both on and off Amazon.
  • Competitor retargeting works great for targeting competitors with very close substitutes, especially if your product has an advantage in pricing or rating.
  • Competitor retargeting is where advertisers are manually picking competitors' ASINs to target. On the other hand, similar product targeting (a subset within Amazon DSP) are ASINS that Amazon selects that are similar to your products.
  • Competitor repurchases is a strategy highly effective for products with repeat purchases such as supplements and consumables.
  • Hashed audiences allow you to utilize your own list of customers to target.



According to Amazon, 64% of customers go through multiple channels before making a purchase, and only 4% of shoppers instantly make a purchase.

Amazon DSP allows shoppers to take full advantage of the advanced audience targeting tactics to assist shoppers in moving from consideration to conversions.

In this episode, Matt and Joe speak to all the different audiences and strategies available with Amazon DSP, their key benefits, and their position in the funnel. After listening to today's episode, you will understand the vast potential of stacking audiences with DSP and how you might be able to utilize these concepts with products of your own.


Amazon dsp custom audiences

Episode Highlights

Intro on DSP strategies                             [00:20]

ASIN repurchases audience strategy        [01:53]

Cross purchases                                        [06:20]

ASIN retargeting                                      [09:00]

Competitor retargeting                             [12:16]

Pixel targeting                                          [16:55]

Hashed Audience                                     [19:52]

Competitor Purchases                              [22:51]

In-market and Lifestyle targeting            [25:24]