Amazon Advertising New Features and How they are changing the game


The Amazon advertising sphere is constantly changing, and as Amazon advertising experts, we have to stay up to date so we can steer the ship in the right direction for our clients. Whether this includes changes to the reporting or targeting different audience types, being on top of these new features is key to setting yourself apart. Liran Hirschkorn and Joe Shelerud dedicated this entire episode to discussing the newest features Amazon has rolled out and how to utilize them.

A Little About Liran Hirschkorn

After growing and selling an Internet life insurance agency in 2014, Liran decided to get involved in e-commerce and selling on Amazon. Liran started several e-commerce brands that have sold millions of dollars on Amazon since. Today, Liran is widely followed as a thought leader and speaker on marketing and selling on Amazon and is CEO of Incrementum Digital - an Amazon Focused Marketing Agency and is an advisor to brands and an e-commerce focused fintech company helping brands with financing needs. He lives in Long Island, New York, with his wife and daughter.


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Episode Highlights: 

Introductions                     [00:22

The rise of video ads         [02:32

Sponsored Display audience targeting ads     [13:44

Sponsored Display targeting past purchasers [23:01

What to expect with Amazon DSP                     [25:24

Tips on how to send traffic to your Amazon storefront     [30:32

Where is Amazon Advertising going?                 [34:14