Why You Should Be Using Bulk Files To Optimize Your Amazon Ads

Key Takeaways:

  • Bulk sheets are the next best step for Amazon sellers looking to manage their ads beyond manual campaign management. 
  • Getting familiar with bulk sheets is as simple as downloading a sheet and going through each row and column to better understand the format. 
  • The key is to ensure that your sheets are well-formatted.
  • Bulk files allow you to see your entire ad account in one sheet.
  • Bulk uploads allow sellers to keep records of optimization done within their campaigns, which can be very useful in the future. 
  • Preparing for big moves needed within your campaigns, such as holidays or Prime Day, can be done weeks in advance using bulk files.



How do you scale your ads after getting past the initial phase of setting up your campaigns manually? Like many sellers, you’ve probably heard a lot about bulk files. As the next step to stepping up optimizing your campaigns, we recommend utilizing bulk files. Bulk files help with making manual moves within your campaigns much easier while staying organized. It also allows you to analyze your entire advertising account in one spreadsheet, saving busy sellers/advertisers a lot of time. In today’s episode, Joe Shelerud is joined by Elizabeth Greene from Junglr to discuss the benefits and tips when using bulk files.


About Elizabeth Greene

Elizabeth fell in love with Amazon advertising almost immediately. Her origins are much like others in space. Both Elizabeth and her husband started dabbling into retail arbitrage and then into private labeling. However, life and kids caught up with them, making them look more closely at the Amazon advertising space. They decided to move into the space after seeing a need to help sellers with Amazon PPC. From there, Elizabeth realized her true passion for data and spreadsheets! Then, history was made where she continues to do great work over at Junglr.


How to connect with Elizabeth:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-greene-junglr/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.olsongreene/

Website: https://www.junglr.com/


Episode Highlights:

Intro                           [00:26]

Where should advertisers start when using bulk sheets?       [03:28]

Benefits for using bulk files               [05:04]

Tips on how to use bulk files for Amazon ads management [08:23]

Using bulk files vs. automation software                               [14:06]

Keyword research and bulk files                                            [19:44]