How To Improve Your Ranking On Amazon

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon's priority when considering ranking products is to ensure that products listed at the top are highly relevant to customers' search.
  • For new products, the listing structure is most important to help with improving organic ranking.
  • Key factors affecting organic ranking include sales velocity, conversion rate, click-thru rate, price, and reviews.
  • Amazon uses predictive factors to help with ranking products organically for brand new products with no historical data. This includes the listing itself and the text contained in the listing.
  • Amazon SEO is highly relevant for new sellers. As sellers become more established, they should focus on optimizing their listings to increase conversion rate and sales.
  • Amazon advertising helps put products in the highest converting placements, thus increasing sales volume and, over time, organic ranking.
  • When building out ranking campaigns, we recommend focusing on conversion rates versus ACoS.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing in your Amazon listing. Instead, speak to your customers using keywords highly relevant to your product.


Amazon is a convenient platform that allows shoppers to quickly find what they're looking for. Ranking is a critical component to being successful on Amazon since products ranked higher in search results typically get the most sales. It’s in Amazon's best interest to show products in top placements that will likely convert. However, with competition growing daily, how can sellers improve their ranking and obtain a bigger piece of the pie?  In this episode, we cover the most common questions on improving Amazon ranking and how Amazon advertising ties into it all.

Episode Highlights

Intro                                        [00:19]

What is organic ranking?        [00:57]

Key components that can affect Amazon rankings    [01:49]

Does Amazon advertising really help to improve organic rankings?             [13:41]

How to set up campaigns in Amazon to help boost organic ranking             [17:06]

What are the best resources when optimizing product listings?                    [23:14]