Amazon Advertising 2021 Recap


There have been quite some changes with Amazon Advertising this year. There were new targeting types, new ad types, changes in the user interface of the advertising dashboard, and much more. With all the new features, sellers and brands had more opportunities to leverage advertising and develop strategies to build a long-lasting brand. However, one major hit was supply chain issues and how it disrupted many areas, including advertising. Sellers of all sizes faced out-of-stock issues, which forced many to re-launch on the marketplace.

In today's episode, Destaney and Joe Shelerud touched on the major shifts that happened this year and how sellers can optimize their strategies to stay on up of their advertising in 2022.


Key Take-Aways to Scale in 2022:

  • Working closely with your creative team to build creative assets. These usually have a slower turnaround time and contribute significantly to your brand's perceived value when running ads. 
  • Secondly, the Amazon advertising space is changing quickly. Sellers are struggling to keep up and brands no longer have the in-house capabilities to stay on top of the new features. It's even more important now to work with a team or simply connect with industry experts to keep up with all the changes happening in the space. If you're not connected to the right people, you may just be leaving dollars on the table.


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Episode Highlights

Intro                 [00:19]

How inventory changes affected Amazon advertising in 2021     [03:00]

Launch or ranking strategy in 2021         [08:09]

Ad types and strategies this year            [09:55]

Competition in the ad space                    [14:25]

The rise in aggregators and its impact on advertising                 [16:52]

What to expect with advertising in 2022                                      [21:16]

How sellers can set themselves up for success in 2022             [25:59]