Using Amazon DSP to Create an Advertising Ecosystem w/ Vitalii Khyzhniak


With Facebook, you'll learn what your customers like. With Google, you'll learn what your customers search for, and with Amazon, you'll learn what your customers buy.

A very accurate and practical statement from the authors of the Amazon Jungle.

Having access to first-party data on customers' purchases can revolutionize your advertising strategy. For today's episode, we're excited to have advertising expert Vitalii Khyzhniak from Profit Whales join Joe Shelerud to discuss leveraging Amazon DSP data and building an advertising ecosystem.


Key Items Covered:

Rules of thumb when getting started with DSP

Allocating budgets between different ad types

Using DSP analytics to supplement Sponsored Ads


Connect with Vitalii Khyzhniak

Vitalii is the CEO of Profit Whales, a full-service marketing agency for Amazon brands that wish to accelerate growth by targeting traffic on and off Amazon. He shares practical advertising advice at various e-commerce conferences and podcasts which includes tips to help brands understand the importance of growing beyond the Amazon marketplace.


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Episode Highlights:

Overview of Amazon DSP                             [01:51]

Typical pushback with running DSP ads       [03:34]

Rules of thumb to getting started with DSP ads         [07:43]

Allocating budgets between ad types                          [09:18]

How to use DSP analytics to supplement Sponsored Ads strategy             [12:50]

Where should sellers start with off-site marketing?                                    [19:55]