Amazon Attribution


Amazon is continuing to find a lot more ways to motivate sellers to drive traffic from off-channel onto their platform. With countless advertising channels in the space, one of the critical issues we face is tracking performance through all stages of the buyer's journey from multiple sources.

In today's episode, we're joined by one of our Account Execs, Josh, to really talk through Amazon Attribution and how brands can implement this into their strategy to measure consumer behavior from their off-Amazon marketing efforts.

With Josh's experience working with multiple different ad channels, we're able to talk through how to structure these campaigns within Amazon Attribution to easily track performance and make decisions on where to allocate your marketing budget.


Episode Highlights:

What is Amazon attribution?              [01:46]

Amazon attribution metrics                [03:44]

Options within Amazon attribution     [05:13]

Naming conventions and campaign structure     [10:35]

How to segment ad campaigns within Amazon attribution     [13:08]

Building a brand with Amazon attribution             [15:47]