Amazon Negative Keywords – How To Add Them In Your PPC Ads?

What Are Amazon Negative Keywords?

Negative Keywords are the words or phrases for which you do not want your Amazon sponsored ads to appear on the search results page. Adding keywords in the Negative targeting list is a way to tell Amazon to stop displaying your ads when a buyer searches with those search terms. Negative keywords help the sellers to refine their target audience and to improve their ACoS by cutting down the amount spent on unnecessary clicks. In short, adding Negative Keywords is critical for the success of your PPC Ads.

In our previous blog, we provided a complete guide on Negative keywords for Amazon PPC, their benefits and how to identify the right keywords. In this blog, we will help you learn how to add those keywords in your campaigns or Ad groups.

How to Add Amazon Negative Keywords in Seller Central or the Advertising Console

Adding negative keywords can be done using the Campaign Manager interface in Seller/Vendor Central and the Advertising Console or through bulk operations.

  1. To add negatives in the ad console, go to Advertising, then Campaign manager
  2. Click the campaign you wish to add negatives to
  3. If adding campaign negatives, click the ‘Negative Keywords’ tab at the top. For ad groups, click the campaign, then click the desired ad group
  4. Click the ‘Negative Keywords’ tab
  5. Click ‘Add negative keywords’ and choose the desired match type (negative phrase or negative exact)
  6. Finally, enter or paste the list of negative keywords you wish to add
  7. Click ‘Add keywords’
  8. Click save

Adding Amazon Negative Keywords

How to Add Amazon Negative Keywords using Bulk Operations?

Negative keywords can easily be added to campaigns or ad groups using bulk operations, which makes the process more efficient when several are to be added. To add negative keywords via bulk operations:

  1. Go to ‘Campaign Manager’, click on the ‘Bulk Operations’ tab, and download a bulk file (I recommend a 60-day duration, excluding campaign items with zero impressions).
  2. Download the file and open it in a spreadsheet.
  3. If you have a list of keywords you would like to set to negative, you can filter by ‘Record Type’ on ‘Ad Group’ and copy all data and headers into a new tab (then delete the other tabs). You now have a list of all campaigns and ad groups.
  4. Find the ad groups you want to add the negatives to and delete any of the other rows from the spreadsheet (except the header row).
  5. Delete all the columns- except Campaign, Ad group, Keyword or Product Targeting, Match Type, Status.
  6. Add the Negative Keywords to the ‘Keyword or Product Targeting’ fields.
  7. Add a status of ‘Enabled’ to the status field, and add ‘Negative Phrase’ or ‘Negative Exact’ to each ‘Match type’ field (if adding campaign negatives, clear the contents of Ad group and add Campaign in front of the Negative match type). See Screen Capture below for an example.
  8. Save the file and navigate back to the Bulk Operations tab on Amazon.
  9. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and upload the file to Amazon. Click the ‘Process changes’ button.
  10. After your changes have processed, the ‘Uploads’ section will tell you whether the upload went fine or resulted in an error.

Here is an example of the Bulk file:

Pro Tip: Remove all the rows that do not contain any updates to reduce the processing time. Save your file before uploading it on Amazon.

Refine Your Ads And Reduce The Cost

Negative keywords are often overlooked and underestimated. However, if used wisely they can prove to be powerful in reducing the ACoS to a great extent. Learn more on Amazon Negative Keywords in our complete guide to Negative Keyword post and use our free tool to get superior recommendations in determining what negative keywords to add.

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