Amazon Sales Trends: Day of The Week Performance Analysis

Which day of the week do we tend to see the highest sales on Amazon?   

Selling on Amazon continues to get more competitive, so identifying and capitalizing on sales trends can help stand out from the competition, maximizing sales without giving up on profitability. One of the trends that we track is shopping habits and how the day of the week performance impacts key metrics like sales and conversion rates. Understanding the shopping trends of your customers and optimizing your campaigns to match how your sales fluctuate throughout the week can help make a huge difference.    

Since we aggregate data throughout multiple markets and products, we’re able to see wide-ranging trends that we can apply down to the account level. This allows us to adjust bids and/or budgets to be more aggressive on the days where conversion rate is most likely higher. As a seller, if you spend more when shoppers are more likely to convert, you’ll likely net higher sales and lower ACoS. 

What Is The Busiest Day Of The Week For Sales On Amazon?

While each customer is unique on the Amazon platform, we definitely see trends in our clients’ overall sales and conversion rates. Previous studies of online shopping found on website such as indicated that Sunday and Monday were the busiest days for overall online sales. We completed an analysis by pulling data from 60M clicks and 17B+ impressions from tens of thousands of campaigns and found the same to be true. In the graph below, we focused on impressions and conversion rate since these two metrics primarily dictate sales/revenue. Impressions measures traffic and conversion rate measures purchase intent.  

Focusing on search traffic (impressions), we found Mondays to be the busiest day with traffic  5% over the average traffic and Sundays to be the second busiest with 4.2% over average. One key thing to note as a seller is that focusing on traffic alone misses some key trends in conversion rate that you must take into account.   

Mondays Are At The Top Of The List For Highest Traffic And Purchase Intent 

Traffic and Conversion by day of week

If you’re generally curious about which day is typically the “best” day on Amazon, it’s Mondays. Both traffic and purchase intent are at their peaks on Mondays, which means high sales. High conversion rate indicates high efficiency due to less wasted spend once ads are optimized.  Tuesdays follow up to be the second-best day with above average traffic and conversion rate coming in slightly less than Mondays at 12.4%.  If you were only focused on traffic, then you’d think that Sundays would follow up as the second-best day on Amazon. However, from our analysis we found that despite having a lot of shoppers browsing on Sundays, purchase intent was the lowest.  

Making Sense Of It All 

While the graph above lays it out best, here’s a quick breakdown by each day:   

Sunday: This is a high traffic day; however, we’re seeing below average conversion rates which means shoppers are doing a lot of browsing but their purchase intent is on the lower end.   

Monday: This is the best day overall. Mondays have proven to have the highest traffic and the highest conversion rates throughout the week. Optimizing campaigns from both a growth and efficiency standpoint, this would be the day to ramp up bids and budgets.    

Tuesday: Tuesdays come in as the second-best day for conversion rates. After assessing our data, we’re seeing above average traffic which shows that shoppers are still looking around and checking out a few items sitting in their carts. From an optimization standpoint, this means that Tuesdays can also be a great day to increase bids to help capture sales.    

Wednesday: Wednesdays also perform fairly well with above average traffic and above average conversion rate.   

Thursday: Traffic declines on Thursdays; however, conversion rate remains slightly above average. This shows that shoppers on Thursdays are usually more intentional with their purchases and likely know exactly what they’re looking for.   

Friday: Fridays show the lowest traffic but with a slightly above-average conversion rate.   

Saturday: We’re seeing low traffic on Saturdays with low conversion rates. From an optimization standpoint, this would be a great day to cut back bids and budgets due to the lower sales volume.   

Utilizing High Conversion Trends Through Bidding

By understanding these sales trends, we can use this data to fully optimize our ads. This means we’re able to get more aggressive with bids on high conversion rate days to help maximize sales. When customers have lower purchase intent, we suggest cutting back bids to reduce wasted spend and lower ACoS.  

In essence, we want to make sure our ads are shown when customers are most likely to buy.  For higher converting days, we can afford to pay more since we’ll be getting a better return per click. Taking the same approach, we can reduce bids on days when customers have a lower purchase intent.  

We utilize machine learning algorithms to take advantage of repeatable trends like this with our bids. We want to ensure that we’re winning impressions when customers are most likely to buy and cut bids to save costs when the click isn’t likely to lead to a sale. Using advanced tech along with our full, personalized management of your campaigns, we can boost sales, cut out wasted spend and give you an edge against your competitors.  

To see how your sales trends compare, sign up for our campaign review tool. We’ll provide you with a full report that outlines your campaigns performance and highlights your busiest day of the week for ad sales.