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With a fully integrated targeting system, machine-learning optimization algorithms, efficient exception control, and experienced management, our campaigns consistently outperform other campaigns, often in significant ways.

Not to brag, but we have done some pretty cool stuff — see for yourself.

Case 1: Sales Velocity

With an established account but new products to launch, the strategy for this seller was clear: Maximize sales velocity, but don’t allow ACoS to exceed profit margins. We started in July of 2018 and by end of year, we grew sales from $100k at 24% ACoS to $230k at 21% ACoS. Average ACoS was held beneath margin for every product while sales steadily and substantially improved. Mission accomplished.

Case 2: Rapid Sales & ACoS Improvement

We agreed to begin optimizing this popular cosmetics seller’s campaigns in early August. The seller decided to outsource campaigns after ACoS had stagnated at 60% as sales dropped steadily each month. By the end of August, we doubled average daily orders while cutting ACoS in half from 60% to 30%. As we moved into Q4, we made substantial progress in the account, eventually posting $68k in sales at a 12% ACoS.

In this case, we spent near half what the seller spent in the past while over doubling sales.

Case 3: Sustained Sales Growth

We started optimizing campaigns for this account in November 2017. Prior to starting, average sales were averaging $6k/month. Within the first 6 weeks, we were able to take sales to $20k while maintaining a healthy 12% ACoS. More impressive is we maintained that growth, with minimal new product introductions, through July 2018. By July, we generated $70k/month in ad sales at a 15% ACoS — a 1000% increase from 6 months prior.

Where this case gets interesting is the seller paused our contract in late July through early October 2018 to take optimization in house. The market changed, they were unable to adapt, and sales plummeted as ACoS climbed. The seller rehired Ad Advance in early October and within weeks, we reduced ACoS from 80% to 20% while over doubline sales. We continued our growth trend and ACoS improvement into November and December.

Case 4: High Volume, High Stakes

This seller reached out in April 2018 with a fairly simple request: Improve ACoS without compromising sales. We did more than that; within two months, monthly ad sales peaked at nearly $370k (from approximately $160k YTD average) as we walked ACoS down from 25% to 18%. This seller’s products are summer seasonal, so as demand dropped, we took conservative steps, tested bids, and maximized sales while continuing the seller’s ACoS efficiency approach. In Q4, we averaged an ACoS of just 14% – a very difficult rate to achieve in the seller’s category.

Case 5: New Brand Launch – Sales Velocity to Cash Cow

This seller was struggling to get traction and hired Ad Advance to get their account off the ground. We started in January of 2018 when weekly sales were less than £100. The seller had tight ACoS constraints, which can be difficult during launch, but we averaged a 22% ACoS during launch. Within 7 months, monthly sales peaked at over £40k, organic sales had substantially improved, and we transitioned to an extremely efficient campaign management strategy. In Q4, average ACoS was approximately 8% while still generating £13k sales per month.

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