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There are many DSPs on the market, but none quite stack up to Amazon’s DSP. Whether you sell on Amazon or not, here are 3 reasons why you should advertise with Amazon DSP or supplement it with your other platforms.

First Party Data

Amazon’s audience targeting is unparalleled due to its extensive and diverse data source. Shoppers’ purchase-focused behavior on Amazon generates highly relevant data closely linked to their consumer habits, shaping numerous pre-built audiences based on interests, lifestyle, demographics, and more.

Supply Sources

Amazon Advertising’s diverse supply sources extend well beyond its e-commerce platform, encompassing entities like IMDB, Twitch, Kindle, Zappos, Prime Video, FireTV, and exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football. This extensive reach is amplified by Amazon Publisher Services, granting access to premium inventory and user engagement through partner websites and apps. Seamless integration with third-party exchanges helps facilitate connections with audiences across the digital landscape.


The Amazon Marketing Cloud bridges gaps between once-isolated datasets. By seamlessly integrating Amazon DSP and external channel data, it offers a holistic view of campaign performance while revealing intricate patterns. Tracking the customer journey, it reveals how interactions on one channel affect another. We can monitor strategies across the ecosystem, make informed decisions, and optimize campaigns for enhanced performance.

With Amazon DSP ads, we can reach the right audience at the right time. Whether you sell on Amazon or not.


  • LifeStyle

    Lifestyle audiences are based on shopper’s ongoing online behavior.

  • In-Market

    In-market audiences are built based on someone’s shopping behavior on Amazon – specifically related to the category page they visit.

  • Competitor Purchase

    Competitor purchasing audiences are built based on people who previously purchased a competitor ASIN.

  • Competitor Retargeting

    Competitor retargeting audiences are built based on people who visited a competitor ASIN but didn’t convert.

  • Cross Retargeting

    Cross retargeting audiences target people that viewed one of seller’s other ASIN but didn’t convert (e.g. audience viewed $120 watch, now retarget with similar $80 watch).

  • Pixel Retargeting

    Pixel retargeting audiences are built based on people who visited an external website containing a tracking pixel.

  • Asin Retargeting

    ASIN retargeting audiences are built based on people who visit your product detail page and don’t convert.

  • Cross Purchase

    Cross purchase audiences target people that previously purchased seller’s complementary ASIN (e.g. audience purchased a pencil, now target with pencil sharpener).

  • Asin Repurchase

    Repurchase audiences target people that previously purchased the seller’s own ASIN.

Reporting System

Ad Advance’s interactive client dashboard is our hub for all of our advanced reporting.

Within our client dashboard you will have access to multiple navigation points that will measure the impact of your Walmart Connect advertising on a big picture and granular level.

Is it time to add Amazon DSP to your advertising mix?

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