Team Ad Advance

We Live and Breathe Amazon

Our team is totally committed to your success. We promise to understand your objectives, learn your products, and work our butts off to improve your profitability.

Joe Shelerud

Co-Founder and CEO

Matt Wiklund

Co-Founder and COO

Kedene Welcome

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Rochelle Bowen

Client Acquisition Specialist

Erik Swenson

Amazon PPC Manager

Jeremy Bugbee

Amazon PPC Manager

Kylie Jarvinen

Amazon PPC Manager

Tony Miller

Amazon PPC Manager

Melissa Barnstorf

Amazon PPC Manager

Molly Deschenes

Amazon PPC Manager

Alex B

Software Developer

Zach Huberty

Software Developer

Sebahattin Altunay

Software Developer

Our Values

Our values are a reflection of how we do business and who we are as people. Like our team, our values form a whole larger than the sum of its parts.

Open and Honest

We are completely open and honest.  Full transparency drives the trust needed to build strong, long-term relationships.

Rapid Improvement

Sitting still or status quo means losing ground to competitors.  Our processes and systems are designed for scalability and rapid execution.

Respect and Support

We value different approaches and opinions.  We openly share information and support each other.  To succeed, we need to succeed as a team.


Each of us owns a well-defined part of the business and are fully accountable for its performance.

Value Focused

We maximize value provided to our clients which is a combination of performance improvements, time savings and peace of mind.