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We’re focused on what matters to you, helping not only improve–but revolutionize–your Amazon account.


A client-first strategy is at the core of everything we do. Your needs and objectives are our highest priority.


We are Amazon advertising experts–we live and breathe it. That is why we made it our sole focus.


You no longer need to choose between state-of-the-art software or active, dedicated management.


No more over-paying for software that requires your valuable time and resources. We will do it all for you.

Why Expert Campaign Management is Critical to Success

  • 50% of all U.S. e-commerce transactions will occur on Amazon’s platform this year
  • Third party advertising spend is growing faster than ever before
  • Amazon drives nearly 80% of e-commerce growth
  • Over 5,000,000,000 Prime orders last year and
    1,000,000 new sellers annually

Our campaigns offer focus.

The Amazon market is competitive, efficient, even chaotic. We create campaigns, we constantly evaluate and test assumptions, and we communicate the outcome. We deliver results.


Keywords Optimized Weekly


Products Advertized


Markets in North America and Europe


Complete Campaign Management

What are people saying?

“I can honestly say that working with Joe and Matt has been a different experience than with other Ad agencies. Their in-depth knowledge and ability to execute difficult shifts in strategy on a dime makes them clearly stand apart. They helped us relaunch our entire catalog and we are seeing tremendous growth in a short period of time.”

“Top notch group of professionals. Delivered all the requirements beautifully. They know Amazon ads very well. Everything was like clock-work. I have absolutely no reservation recommending them. If you were unsure about hiring them until reading this now, stop and go hire them before your competitor does.”

“Amazon Advertising has been instrumental to our success, and I was fortunate to discover Matt and Joe. The result of their efforts is clear; our ACoS has dropped to 16% over the past 3 months, compared to the 22% lifetime average before they started managing. Year-over-Year, campaigns over the past 6 months have produced an additional $327k in profit.”

“In the world of eCommerce, it’s essential to have a strong foothold in the Amazon ecosystem. Ad Advance provides us with that foothold. With an increase of over 140% in ad revenue, Joe and Matt’s team has surpassed our expectations and helped position ourselves as one of the leading providers in our category.”

Who We Are

We are a diverse team of data scientists, creatives, and developers unified around a common passion – Amazon Advertising.

Joe Shelerud

Ad Advance CEO

Joe Shelerud is the co-founder and CEO of Ad Advance. Joe oversees the development team and is passionate about creating advanced algorithms and rapid integration of new features. Outside of work, Joe loves playing with his kids, Owen, Evan, and Clara.

Matt Wiklund

Ad Advance COO

Matt Wiklund is the co-founder and COO of Ad Advance. Matt oversees the optimization team, and is obsessed with increasing sales, lowering ACoS, and maximizing profitability. Matt spends his free time in the woods or on the water with his wife, Karissa.

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