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Your Dedicated Teammates

Strong relationships lead to great results. We work with you to set goals and stay in constant contact as we create, optimize, and achieve. Success is more fun to celebrate together.

World’s Most
Advanced PPC Technology

And it’s not even close. We run dozens of machine learning models, we database records for life, and our integrations are next-level. What’s really unique? We never over-automate. We use technology only when it benefits the seller.

Created by Sellers,
Backed by Science

Our approach is formed by sellers, backed by data science, and purpose-built for Amazon only. We don’t distract ourselves with other channels. Being the best requires focus and dedication.

Customer Stories

Testimonial 1
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The best investment made for our Amazon business. Our FBA sales increased by 2000% exactly a year from the date we hired them. We will definitely keep working with them going forward. The Ad Advance Team is the best in the business!

Testimonial 2
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They helped us relaunch our entire catalog and we are seeing tremendous growth in a short period of time. Overall, they are a trustworthy and reliable partner, always able to articulate both sides of an analysis even when it may work against their own interests.

Testimonial 3
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In the world of eCommerce, it’s essential to have a strong foothold inside the Amazon ecosystem. Ad Advance has helped provide us with that foothold. With an increase of over 140% in ad revenue, the Ad Advance team has surpassed our expectations and helped position ourselves as one of the leading providers in our category.

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Case Studies

Ranking Machine

This Beauty & Personal Care seller spent $20k on ads in their first two weeks, with minimal organic sales to show for it. They hired Ad Advance to orchestrate the PPC side of their product launch.

By allocating spend to the right targeting mix and placements, conversion rate and sales velocity skyrocketed. Ad sales increased to over $30k per day while their 60% ACoS fell to 30%. The client was happy to see improved returns, but reducing ACoS was not the goal. It was the byproduct of a successful ranking strategy. The biggest win was product rank improving to top 10 in their category and organic sales catapulting from $0 to between $20k and $40k per day.

Advanced Integrations

A seller in the Patio, Lawn, & Garden category had several top-100 products, but sales were stagnant. Ad Advance took monthly ad sales from $150k to $300k. This year, campaigns net over $600k/mo at 17% ACoS. The secret? Funnels and campaign integration.

Ad Advance moves every strong keyword and product target through a network of funnels. The top of the funnel drives awareness and discovery; the bottom of the funnel offers more control over exposure and returns. Data is also integrated across Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display campaigns. With this approach, success in any one campaign type leads to success in the others. Basically, we find what works, put it to work in every placement, then find more.


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We’re big believers that if you freely give and help as many people as you can, good things will come in return.  It’s our hope that this tool will help to save you time and provide guidance on where you can tune up your Amazon ad strategy.

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