The Ad Project Podcast

Joe and Matt, Amazon PPC experts and founders of Ad Advance, developed The Ad Project podcast to talk about the complex nature of Amazon advertising and share strategies and secrets to develop campaigns that deliver results. Tune in for expert insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business. Whether you’re a seasoned seller, CMO, or just getting started, this one’s for you.

In today's episode, we're joined by one of our Account Execs, Josh, to really talk through Amazon Attribution and how brands can implement this into their strategy to measure consumer behavior from their off-Amazon marketing efforts.

Having access to first-party data on customers' purchases can revolutionize your advertising strategy. For today's episode, we're excited to have advertising expert Vitalii Khyzhniak from Profit Whales join Joe Shelerud to discuss leveraging Amazon DSP data and building an advertising ecosystem.

In today's episode, Destaney and Joe Shelerud touched on the major shifts that happened this year and how sellers can optimize their strategies to stay on up of their advertising in 2022.