The Ad Project Podcast

Joe and Matt, Amazon PPC experts and founders of Ad Advance, developed The Ad Project podcast to talk about the complex nature of Amazon advertising and share strategies and secrets to develop campaigns that deliver results. Tune in for expert insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business. Whether you’re a seasoned seller, CMO, or just getting started, this one’s for you.

This week on The Ad Project podcast, we're joined by George Barnett Reid to talk through the key areas where you should be focusing your time to get your brand and products noticed above your competition on Amazon. In this episode George shares a ton of great advice for sellers heading into Q4! We talks through the importance of brand building on Amazon, operations, the role of strong product images, and more.

Back to the basics. In this mini series, Matt and Joe will be covering the fundamental pieces you should to check and double check to make sure you're in good shape with your Amazon advertising heading into Q4 - Ad types, application, and optimization and strategies.

Dr. Florian Nottorf is co-founder and co-CEO of the ABOUT YOU subsidiary ADFERENCE, an AdTech specialist that develops innovative advertising technologies for Amazon and Google Ads. Before founding Adference at the beginning of 2014, the doctor of business informatics researched scientifically excellent methods in online marketing. At ADFERENCE, Florian leads an expert team of now over 60 employees. Florian is co-host of the weekly leading German Amazon Advertising Podcast 'Vitamin A - Deine Dosis Amazon PPC'.