The Ad Project Podcast

Joe and Matt, Amazon PPC experts and founders of Ad Advance, developed The Ad Project podcast to talk about the complex nature of Amazon advertising and share strategies and secrets to develop campaigns that deliver results. Tune in for expert insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business. Whether you’re a seasoned seller, CMO, or just getting started, this one’s for you.

Amazon Sponsored Products is definitely the goldmine to any advertising strategy. While there are many different ways Sponsored ad campaigns can be structured, there are a few key strategies we encourage sellers to implement to get the most out of their ads. In this episode, both Joe and Steven Pope (MyAmazonGuy) dived into these strategies, including auto campaigns and whether everyone should run them, keyword isolation, and takeaways for new product launches.

With each step you take as an Amazon seller it’s important to continually measure how things are going and analyzing what are the next best steps moving forward. While there are many reports that Amazon provides, in this episode we highlighted the key ones we think every seller should continually review to grow their business.

As Amazon becomes more competitive, advertising becomes more critical for new product launches. One of the common questions we get is, "What are the specifics actions one should take when advertising for a new product?" In this episode, we share our reasoning behind running ads for your new products, how advertising can help you become retail-ready, and the things you need for your launch campaigns.