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You do NOT need to sell on to harness the power of their demand-side platform (DSP).

It’s the best kept secret in digital advertising. Your industry is competitive – here’s your secret weapon.


customers shop in Amazon stores worldwide


of all U.S. adults ages 25-54 every month are reached by Amazon Advertising


average monthly audience across Amazon ad-supported Streaming TV

If you’re among the advertisers scrambling to find a new platform after the fall of MediaMath, look no further than Amazon’s DSP.

Amazon is the 3rd largest digital ad platform. It’s growing at a faster rate than Google and Meta.

First Party Data

The audience targeting capabilities of Amazon are unmatched and near limitless. And it all comes down to the data source. Because shoppers come to Amazon to make a purchase, the data collected is highly relevant and closely connected to their consumer shopping habits.

These consumer shopping habits lead to the formation of thousands of pre-built audiences associated to specific interests, lifestyle attributes, demographics, and more.

Supply Sources

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon Owned & Operated (IMDB, Twitch, Kindle, Zappos, Prime Video, FireTV, Thursday Night Football)

Amazon Publisher Services

Third-Party Exchanges


Amazon Marketing Cloud allows us to tie together traditionally walled datasets like Amazon DSP and external channels.

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Convinced Amazon DSP ads might be worth a try? Since we’re fully integrated with Amazon’s platform, we can get you set up quickly.

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