A Strategic Dive into European Expansion with Jérôme de Guigné

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We are live from Prosper Show! In this episode, Joe is joined by Jérôme de Guigné to discuss the process of expanding internationally, specifically to the European market. They cover topics such as general benchmarks for international expansion, competition and cost per click, localization and AI tools, product packaging and customization, and the importance of VAT and compliance. They also provide a step-by-step guide for selling in Europe and share where to find more information.


  • Expanding internationally can be a huge opportunity for sellers, but it also comes with challenges and costs.
  • When expanding to Europe, it’s important to consider factors such as competition, cost per click, and market potential.
  • Localization is crucial for success in different markets, and a hybrid approach using both translators and AI tools can be effective.
  • Compliance with VAT regulations is essential, and working with a reliable partner can help navigate the complexities.
  • Proper product packaging and customization are important for meeting regulatory requirements and customer expectations.
  • A step-by-step guide for selling in Europe includes obtaining a VAT number, opening a seller account, and ensuring compliance with regulations.