Adapting to AI: The Opportunities and Challenges for Advertisers in a Changing Landscape

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What will the future of search look like in the world of AI chatbots?

In this episode of The Ad Project podcast, we are joined by Sean Morgan, an account manager at Ad Advance, to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the advertising industry.

The conversation focuses on the recent developments from chatGPT and Bard (among others) and how search behavior might change or be disrupted as a result.

Key Points:   

  • How chatbots from Google, Microsoft, and other companies are changing the market and search behavior.
  • How AI neural network language models like chatGPT and Bard are improving the quality of responses and providing more factual information.
  • Limitations and ethical concerns associated with the use of AI in advertising.
  • How chatbots could potentially make product search easier by cutting down on the research required, and finding the best options based on specific criteria.
  • The potential for integrating advertisements into the question-answer process, which could impact the accuracy of the answers provided.

Overall, the conversation is approachable regardless of your knowledge on the topic of AI and offers some valuable insights into the use of AI in the advertising industry.