AI in Advertising: Balancing Innovation and Authenticity

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In this episode, Joe Shelerud interviews Corey Brown from buffaBRAND Marketing about AI image generation and its potential impact on advertising. They discuss the various tools available, the importance of having a strong creative foundation, and the challenges of using AI to generate realistic and effective images. They also explore the future of AI image generation and how it could change the industry.

Overall, the conversation emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to AI, leveraging its capabilities while maintaining human creativity and authenticity.


  • AI image generation is a rapidly evolving space that intersects with e-commerce and advertising.
  • There are various tools available for AI image generation, but it’s important to be skeptical and use them in conjunction with a strong creative foundation.
  • AI-generated images can be useful for certain types of creatives, such as lifestyle composite shots, but they may not always meet the desired level of authenticity.
  • In the future, AI image generation could enable hyper-customization of creatives for different audience segments, but there may also be concerns about privacy and over-customization.
  • To start using AI image generation, it’s important to have a baseline knowledge, work with people who understand AI, and provide detailed prompts and information.