Maximizing Total Lifetime Value for Sustainable Growth

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.


In this episode, Joe Shelerud interviews Dan Brownsher from Channel Key. They discuss the current state of the e-commerce space, the challenges and opportunities for brands on platforms like Amazon, and the key factors that contribute to a brand’s success. They emphasize the importance of high-quality products, brand building, and maximizing total lifetime value. They also highlight the need for brands to utilize upper funnel activities and measure them correctly.


  • The e-commerce space is still relatively early in its growth, and there are opportunities for brands to succeed.
  • High-quality products, brand building, and targeting the right audience are key factors for a brand’s success on platforms like Amazon.
  • Maximizing total lifetime value by driving repeat purchases or cross-selling is crucial for sustaining growth.
  • Brands should consider utilizing upper funnel activities, such as streaming TV and video, to create brand awareness.
  • Measuring the full funnel and understanding the contribution of each stage is important for effective advertising strategies.

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