Navigating Amazon Advertising to Attract and Retain Customers w/ Jon Reynolds

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.

In today’s episode, Joe sits down with Jon Reynolds from Tru Niagen, a trailblazing supplement brand that specializes in NAD+ boosters within the vitamin B3 domain. Jon, who steers the commercial strategy at Tru Niagen, shares intriguing snippets from his journey into ecommerce — a dive that began in the world of logistics.

Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • Q1 Strategies Deep Dive: Jon delves into Q1 strategies, focusing on the unique positioning during this time. Highlighting the transformative potential of the “New Year, New Me” sentiment for supplement companies, he emphasizes strategic insights for ensuring advertising budgets hit the bullseye.
  • Amazon Homepage Takeover: Jon provides insights into Tru Niagen’s unique experience of taking over Amazon’s homepage. While the process had its challenges, such as copy restrictions and differing policies, it offered an invaluable opportunity to understand their customer base without the biases.
  • Metrics, Strategies & More Metrics: Joe and Jon explore key metrics and strategies like the art of balancing ROAS with other pivotal indicators, offering a fresh perspective on making more data-driven decisions.  
  • Choosing the Right Agency: Jon talks about switching agencies right before Q4. He stresses the need for alignment, the importance of good tech tools, and the big wins from understanding data correctly.

Overall, this episode is a treasure of great insights, diving deep into customer-focused strategies and ways brands can stay ahead in competitive markets, like the supplements industry. It’s a must-listen for all brands looking to elevate their Q4 strategies and beyond.