Sponsored Display vs. DSP – Exploring Targeting Tactics, Creative Choices, and Data Insights

Gain insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business.


In this episode, the Joe & Matt discuss the differences between Sponsored Display and DSP on Amazon. They explain when to consider using each platform and the various audience targeting options available. They also compare the pricing models and creative options in both platforms. The hosts highlight the advantages of using Amazon’s DSP, such as the ability to use custom creatives and access to Amazon Marketing Cloud for advanced data insights. They conclude by emphasizing the importance of choosing the right platform based on your advertising goals and budget.


  • Sponsored Display is a self-serve platform that is easy to use and is a good starting point for testing different advertising options.
  • DSP offers more control and complexity, allowing for more advanced audience targeting and the use of custom creatives.
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud provides valuable data insights for measuring ad performance and optimizing campaigns.
  • Consider your advertising goals and budget when choosing between Sponsored Display and DSP.
  • Utilize the different targeting options and creative features to reach your desired audience and maximize ad performance.