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As a consumable and higher price point item, this supplement brand turned to Ad Advance seeking an expedited and efficient path to growing loyal customers.

Why Brands Choose Ad Advance for Retail Media Advertising

*Results our clients see within the first 60 days on average. Source: Study completed November 2023 on Amazon Sponsored Ads data from January 2022 – October 2023

Tru Niagen® was seeking the holy grail of supplements – the fastest, cheapest way to get new and ultimately brand-loyal customers.


Tru Niagen® engaged Ad Advance for a more strategic approach to new-to-brand customer acquisition and measurement of full-funnel tactics via Amazon Marketing Cloud. Our partnership with Tru Niagen®, a supplement brand, began on January 1, 2023, providing a short lead-in time to capitalize on the category’s prime selling period. With a Deal of the Day during the “New Year, New You” period in early January and a Homepage Takeover in mid-March, they required a formidable strategy to squeeze the greatest impact from this enhanced exposure. Applicable to these major advertising events but also their day-to-day advertising, Tru Niagen® sought an increase in Subscriptions (SnSS) and Sales, with a primary focus on New-to-Brand Orders.
From Day 1 of the transition, we were already starting to see the value they bring. What sets them apart is their commitment to go beyond the basics. They actively engage with our team, providing valuable thoughts and insights to improve our overall advertising strategy. Their innovative ideas and suggestions have significantly enhanced our brand visibility and boosted sales.


Our Approach

Ad Advance first identified “gateway products” that provided a lower investment to a potential new customer. These insights in the Ad Console and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) guided our strategy as we harnessed Sponsored Ads and DSP custom creatives to strategically target the correct customer with the correct ad at the correct time. We did this through creating audience categories from synergistic audiences (i.e. interested in heart health, aging, or improved immunity + in-market for various supplements + combinations of high intent demos). We then aligned creatives to each audience group to ensure our messaging resonated with them. Beyond these foundational strategies, we also implemented a “tent-poling” approach to capture the most success from a Homepage Takeover (the most prominent ad placement on Although a large investment, the H1 Takeover provided a massive opportunity to scale their brand with a vibrant introduction to every single shopper who visited that day.
Amazon Marketing Stream and Ad Advance’s accompanying software, Streamline, also provided a key advantage throughout the campaign. We trained machine learning models on Tru Niagen®’s intraday Stream data to predict future, hourly conversion rates, CPC, average order value, and ROAS. These predictions were actioned using continuous intraday bid adjustments that allowed us to maximize ad engagement during peak purchase intent, while improving cost efficiency during periods of lower intent.

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) guided our decision-making and modifications throughout the campaign – it was instrumental in helping us achieve our results. We used AMC path to conversion queries by ad type, ad strategy, and other custom campaign groups to analyze both repeat and new-to-brand purchase metrics. Our path to conversion data was used for both cross-media overlap studies, as well as sequenced media exposure studies to evaluate a variety of volume and efficiency metrics. Path to conversion analysis helped tremendously, ultimately leading to strategic campaign modifications that led to achieving our main objectives: reducing new customer acquisition costs and increasing New to Brand orders and subscriptions.

The Result

Q1-2023 was Tru Niagen®’s highest-ever sales quarter on Amazon. Performance continues to improve as new insights are gained from AMC, Stream, and other Amazon reports.

Thank you to Jon, Shane, and the whole team at Tru Niagen® for their continued partnership. This case study won the 2023 Amazon Ads Partner Award for the Americas in the Performance category.

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